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14:34, 12/12/2021
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aiesec-unwe.net Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.1 Documentation Collection

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Related Documentation

Documentation Feedback

Product Downloads

Download Product Software & Firmware

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM 3.1 Firmware Version Numbering Scheme

Support và Accessibility

Quiông xã Start

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM 3.1 – Quiông xã Start

Factory Default Settings

Mandatory Setup Tasks

Optional Setup Tasks

Daily Management Tasks

Routine Maintenance Tasks

Initial Setup FAQs

Configuration and Maintenance

Setting Up a Management Connection khổng lồ aiesec-unwe.net ILOM và Logging In

Establishing a Management Connection to lớn aiesec-unwe.net ILOM

Logging In to aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Server SPhường or CMM

Configuring aiesec-unwe.net ILOM for Maximum Security

Setting Up & Maintaining User Accounts

Managing User Credentials

Configuring Local User Accounts

Configuring Active sầu Directory

Configuring LDAP/SSL

Configuring LDAP

Configuring RADIUS

Modifying Default Settings for Network Deployment and Administration

Network Deployment Principles & Considerations

Modifying Default Management Access Configuration Properties

Modifying Default Connectivity Configuration Properties

Example Setup of Dynamic DNS

Assigning System Identification Information

Setting Properties for SPhường or CMM Clock

Suggested Resolutions for Network Connectivity Issues

Using Remote KVMS Consoles for Host Server Redirection

First-Time Setup for aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Remote Console

Launching and Using the aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Remote Console

First Time Setup for aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Storage Redirection CLI

Launching & Using the aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Storage Redirection CLI

Starting và Stopping a Host Serial Redirection Session

Host Serial Console Log Properties

Configuring Host Server Management Actions

Controlling Host nguồn khổng lồ Server or Blade System Chassis

Setting Host Diagnostic Tests lớn Run

Setting Next Boot Device on x86 Host Server

Setting Boot Behavior on SPARC Host Server

Overriding SPARC Host Boot Mode

Managing SPARC Host Domains

Setting SPARC Host KeySwitch State

Setting SPARC Host TPM State

Setting Up Alert Notifications và Syslog Server for Event Logging

Configuring Alert Notifications

Configuring Syslog for Event Logging

Setting System Management Power Source Policies

Power-On and Cooling-Down Policies Configurable From the Server SP

System Management nguồn Supply Policies Configurable From CMM

Setting Power Alert Notifications and Managing System Power nguồn Usage

Setting Power nguồn Consumption Alert Notifications

Setting CMM Power Grant và SPhường Power nguồn Limit Properties

Setting SPhường Advanced nguồn Capping Policy khổng lồ Enforce nguồn Limit

Setting SPhường Power nguồn Management Settings for Power nguồn Policy (SPARC)

Setting the CMM Power Supply Redundancy Policy

Performing aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Maintenance và Configuration Management Tasks

Performing Firmware Updates

Reset nguồn to Service Processor or Chassis Monitoring Module

Backing Up, Restoring, or Resetting the aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Configuration

Maintaining x86 BIOS Configuration Parameters

BIOS Configuration Management

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM: BIOS Configuration Features

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM: BIOS Special Considerations

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM: BIOS Terminology

Web & CLI: BIOS Properties

Performing BIOS Configuration Tasks From aiesec-unwe.net ILOM

Requirements for BIOS Configuration Tasks

View the BIOS Configuration Sync Status và Sync the Configuration Parameters

Reset BIOS Configuration lớn Factory Defaults

Baông chồng Up the BIOS Configuration

Restore BIOS Configuration

SAS Zoning Chassis Blade Storage Resources

Zone Management for Chassis-Level SAS-2 Capable Resources

Manageable SAS-2 Zoning-Capable Devices

Sun Blade Zone Manager Properties

Important SAS Zoning Allocations Considerations

Enabling Zoning and Creating SAS-2 Zoning Assignments

Managing Existing SAS-2 Storage Resource Allocations

Resetting Sun Blade Zone Manager Allocations to Factory Defaults

Resetting the Zoning Password to Factory Default for Third-Party In-Band Management

User"s Guide

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Overview

About aiesec-unwe.net ILOM

aiesec-unwe.net ILOM Features và Functionality

Supported Management Interfaces

Supported Operating System Web Browsers

Integration With Other Management Tools

Getting Started With aiesec-unwe.net ILOM 3.1

Logging In to lớn aiesec-unwe.net ILOM

Navigating the Redesigned 3.1 Web Interface

Navigating the Command-Line Interface (CLI) Namespace Targets

Collecting System Information, Monitoring Health Status, & Initiating Host Management