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Microsoft office 2013 professional plus retail license

01:47, 04/04/2021

Office Professional 2013 is designed to lớn let you create và communicate faster, with features that help you save time & a sleek, modern look for all your programs.

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What applications are included?

Are you interested in buying a Microsoft Office 2013 Professional license? Within this package the following applications are standard included:

Word 2013PowerPoint 2013Excel 2013Outlook 2013Access 2013Onecảnh báo 2013quảng cáo online 2013

Discover all brand-new functionalities

In Microsoft Office the best functionalities from previous Office iterations are combined. But also many new advanced features are added, to lớn make this the best Office version ever. In Office 2013 it is therefore even easier khổng lồ create, cốt truyện, collaborate and present professional looking documents.

Updated Modern interface

Office 2013 received a completely new look called ‘Modern’. All applications received this tăng cấp that transforms the appearance of apps such as Word, PowerPoint và Excel. Gone is the old interface with multiple colors and shadows. New is the minimadanh mục, flat and clean looking design. This ‘Modern’ interface makes Office 2013 Professional literally look modern and fresh.

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Work in the cloud

Office 2013 is designed khổng lồ integrate with the cloud. You can seamlessly work with cloud-based apps such as SkyDrive sầu and SharePoint. If you want to work from anywhere, & Office 2013 Pro key is perfect for you. Simply save sầu & access documents from any location, and easily chia sẻ & collaborate data with other people via the cloud.

Optimized for touchscreen

Touchscreen functionalities are more important than ever, especially in a business environment. That is why all apps from Office 2013 Pro are optimized for touchscreens. Simply swipe through or open documents by using your fingers. The Touch Mode can be enabled by opening this function via the Quichồng Access Toolbar in any application.

System requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for Office 2013 Professional:

Processor: 1 GHz minimumMemory: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)Available hard disk space: 3 GB disk spaceGraphics: DirectX 10 compatible GPUOptional: Working internet connection is necessary to use online functionalities.

Buy a cheap Office 2013 Pro license

Need an Office 2013 Professional license? Then quickly check out all of our current offers. We only have 100% original sản phẩm keys in stochồng. Your Office 2013 Pro license will be delivered within 5 minutes via email. This version is a digital tải về + hàng hóa key that can be downloaded within minutes (*depending on internet speed).