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Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file

03:59, 31/03/2021
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Bạn đang xem: Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file

Windows Media Player was once the mặc định media player in all Windows platforms. However, the Groove sầu Music & Movies & TV apps have replaced WMP as the default truyền thông software in Windows 10.

Nevertheless, Windows Media Player is still included with Win 10; and some users still utilize that software for đoạn phim & music playbaông xã.
However, Windows Media Player doesn’t always play media files. A “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file” error message pops up for some users when they try to play music or video in WMP..

Consequently, the software doesn’t play the music or video clip for its users. If the same WMPhường error message pops up for you, check out some of the potential resolutions for it below.

Solutions to lớn fix Windows Media Player errors

1. Fixing MP3 Playback

Some WMP. users have stated that a “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” error message appears when they try to play MP3 files. Thus, the error message can pop up even when you try khổng lồ play the most universal music file formats.

If the issue arises when you try to lớn play an MP3, the tệp tin might be corrupted. As such, you might need to lớn repair the file. You can fix MP3 files with the MP3 Repair Tool as follows.

Open the thư mục you saved the MP3 Repair Tool ZIPhường to lớn, and cliông xã the Extract all button.


Then you can select the MP3 khổng lồ repair.Select the Remove option.Enter the value 1 in the text box.Press the Repair button lớn fix the MP3.Alternatively, try downloading the MP3 again if you got it from a trang web. Open an MP3 trang web, và download the same music again.

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2. Fixing AVI, WAV & MOV Playback

If the “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” error message pops up when you try to lớn play an AVI, WAV or MOV video, your WMPhường software might be missing some codecs needed to play those tệp tin formats.

Installing a few codec packs might resolve the issue for those Clip formats. The XviD và Media Player Codec Paông chồng are two WMP. codec packs that tư vấn most truyền thông media tệp tin và compression types.
Cliông xã XviD code v1.3.2 for Windows on this page to download Xvid, and press the Download button on this webpage khổng lồ save sầu the Media Player Code Pachồng installer to a folder. Then you can open the thiết lập wizards for each codec pachồng khổng lồ install them. Thereafter, restart Windows, open Windows Media Player and play the videos. This post provides further details for installing the XviD codec.

3. Fixing RA, RAM và RM Playback

The “Windows Media Player encountered a problem” error can also be due to lớn incompatible truyền thông files. RA, RAM and RM are three RealAudio tệp tin formats that Windows Media Player used to play, but it no longer supports those tệp tin formats. So if you’re trying to play RA, RAM & RM files in WMP., or another unsupported tệp tin format, you’ll need lớn convert them khổng lồ a compatible format. This page includes a các mục of WMP‘s supported file types.

The best video clip và audio formats to convert files to for WMP.. playbaông xã are probably WMV (Windows Media Video) & WMA (Windows Media Audio). You can convert videos to WMV files with the Online WMV video converter website tool at this page.

To convert files to lớn WMA, check out this website tool. Then you can cliông chồng the Choose Files & Start conversion buttons on those web tools to lớn convert selected files khổng lồ WMV or WMA.

4. mở cửa the Windows Media Player Settings Troubleshooter

Windows includes a troubleshooter specifically for WMP.. That is the Windows Media Player Settings troubleshooter that fixes WMP settings. So that troubleshooter might be worth noting when the software doesn’t play media files. This is how you can open Windows Media Player Settings.

Open Run with the Windows key + R hotkey.Enter ‘msdt.exe cộ -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic’ in Run’s text box, and press the Return key. That will open the troubleshooter shown directly below.