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Subscriber là gì

18:30, 26/03/2021

Nâng cao vốn từ vựng của người tiêu dùng với English Vocabulary in Use tự aiesec-unwe.net.Học những trường đoản cú bạn cần tiếp xúc một bí quyết đầy niềm tin.

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someone who pays to receive a newspaper or magazine regularly or to lớn use a phone line or mạng internet service:
someone who signs a memorandum of association (= document needed khổng lồ officially khung a new company) of a new company và promises to buy a particular number of shares:
The minimum figure for giới thiệu capital can be of any amount, provided the subscribers to lớn the memorandum take at least one nói qua each.
The home page location register stores permanent data about subscribers, including a subscriber"s service protệp tin, location information, và activity status.
Mailinglist subscribers and regular patrons booked many of the seats, limiting the kích thước of a new & younger audience.
This miscellany of news, fashion, literature, and instruction succeeded in attracting a large number of subscribers.
Access to the full-text versions of the articles, Đánh Giá, chant bibliography & chant discography will be available only to institutional subscribers.
The potential returns from a sufficient number of subscribers provided a considerable incentive sầu for the opening up of exchanges.

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Eventually, magazine publishers began lớn capitalize on the association between chromolithography và female consumers, using color prints as free advertising premiums to attract new subscribers.
There was also a general concern that subscribers should uphold the good name of the organization through their wider deportment on the urban stage.
These subscribers include representatives from government, academia and industry in various countries.
High chất lượng color figures are published on a regular basis và the occasional supplements are published and supplied miễn phí khổng lồ subscribers.
High chất lượng colour figures are published on a regular basis and the occasional supplements are published và supplied không lấy phí to subscribers.