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Parent reviews for subway surfers

14:47, 08/10/2021
My daughter reported to lớn me that while she was playing subway surfer she saw an ad for a movie called sausage buổi tiệc ngọt and part of the trailer included something saying I'm going khổng lồ F___ the F____ out of you. Super.

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Its simpliđô thị is geared for kids, but the theme is not. While relatively harmless and kids clearly love sầu it, I question the premise of dodging police và trying khổng lồ paint (graffiti) as many trains as you can. I certainly appreciate much artistic graffiti in our world, but when it's done for the sake of defacing public property & the emphasis is on its illegality, I don't think this is the best scenario for a kid's phầm mềm.
8 year old son was playing it when a picture of two boys came to the screen with question, “Who is cuter?” Left a bad tast in my mouth. Saw other reviews on this site và it’s apperant that the creators don’t care what parents think. App deleted.
I think this game is fun and helps with reflexes và the violence is bloodless & funny because the characters go bup or some other funny noise when the get hit by a train.
I am trying to figure out how my 8 years old child spent $250 in two days, buying coins, since he did not have my password.
On my kid's profile on the fire tablet, it doesn't let kids watch ads, so there is no mature stuff. It is good but only on child protệp tin.
The reason I picked age 6 is because I don’t think younger kids should really be playing games on phones. xD even for a 6 year old, I don’t think they should play often. I don’t think the game is kid unfriendly though, even if the environment includes dodging the police after spray painting. I don’t know many people that actually started getting aggressive after playing this game though, no matter how young they were. Really fun to lớn play.Has advertisements that might be inappropriate lượt thích anything else on the mạng internet though, of course (have never seen one myself).

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As a result of the new GDquảng bá privacy regulations in Europe, Subway surfers has updated the tiện ích forcing my child to lớn consent lớn its data collection practices. There was no opt out. I have sầu a feeling that’s illegal. There is already a class action lawsuit by parents against the publisher. My son was sad, but I had khổng lồ delete it.
I should have been paying more attention before this, but the game drew my attention when my daughter said "Die, police, die" referring khổng lồ the police officers trying to lớn apprehkết thúc the graffiti artist. I immediately deleted the APP and started reviewing the games before she can tải về them.
Sichồng of always pushing Facebook if I want to lớn play on Facebook I would have sầu already ask someone once not continually if it keeps asking I will delete the game
I'm using an game android emulator called andy khổng lồ run this game on my pc which is pretty coolhttp://www.andyroid.net/bundledapps/download-subway-surfers-pc-windows-8...
My daughter has a Kindle Fire, và she has clicked purchases for extra coins and keys twice. In-ứng dụng purchases are the negative of this tiện ích. I would prefer up front costs. I am not a fan of cheat codes or buying things khổng lồ get lớn higher levels. Perseverance, hard work, and time are more important to me, và I will be deleting this app from my daughter's Kindle.
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