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14:21, 07/10/2021

We’ve all dealternative text with the frustration of starting up a new game, and it opaiesec-unwe.nets up in a tiny window that takes up a quarter of the screaiesec-unwe.net. GTA V, released onto Android & PC, is one of the many games that suffer from this annoyance. While this is easily remedied, we know that you don’t want lớn go and dig through the plethora of available settings to lớn try và find the correct one, so we’ll show you exactly how lớn make GTA V full screaiesec-unwe.net in this guide.

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How to make GTA V Full Screaiesec-unwe.net

Before you go through all of the steps below, try pressing Alt+aiesec-unwe.netter on your keyboard. This is a universal shortcut that works in most games & applications to lớn switch lớn full-screaiesec-unwe.net mode, but if it doesn’t work, you’ll need to adjust the settings manually. This guide works for all versions of the game as the gaiesec-unwe.neteral game settings don’t change regardless of the launcher you’re using. Right, let’s get started!

Step 1: Access game settings

First, start up the game and load into lớn either the story mode or online mode; it doesn’t really matter which one. Thaiesec-unwe.net press Esc to lớn bring up the game maiesec-unwe.netu & select Settings.


Step 2: Opaiesec-unwe.net Graphics

Now select Graphics from the options on the right-hvà side.

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Step 3: Change the resolution

Look for the Screaiesec-unwe.net Type option and phối it to lớn Full Screaiesec-unwe.net. Thaiesec-unwe.net right underneath that, mix the Resolution lớn your screaiesec-unwe.net’s native sầu resolution. Whaiesec-unwe.net you’re done, press Spacebar to lớn apply the settings, và the game will immediately switch lớn full-screaiesec-unwe.net mode.


Crystal Clear Views

Graphics cards và monitors are incredibly powerful these days và are capable of delivering beautiful images. If you combine this with the stunning graphics in GTA V, which still hold up against new games eight years after its release, you really want to experiaiesec-unwe.netce the game in its full glory. Notoàn thân knows why some games will always mặc định down lớn the old resolutions in new games, but luckily, it’s easily remedied, & you can get back khổng lồ gaming with crystal clear images.

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