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20 days to find amy game

05:46, 07/04/2021

Amy”s Greenmart Free Download:

Look kitty, it seems we”ve got a letter. Incredible, the ngân hàng approved my application for a loan, now I can finally open my own eco-siêu thị. What a mess, I”ll have khổng lồ work hard lớn turn this place inlớn a successful cửa hàng.

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Red coloured shelves are refilled using red colored boxes, click on the shelf to lớn refill it. Cstomers pay for their goods at the cashier desk, clichồng on the cashier desk to lớn serve sầu the customer.

This game has a free trial version, cliông xã khổng lồ start Amy”s Greenmart Free Download. If you lượt thích it, please buy the full version to tư vấn the developer, thanks.

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