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14:44, 19/10/2021
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a game by 3DO
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 Review, 4 Reviews are shown
User Rating: 4.8/10 - 5 votes
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Army men 3 chiều proves that war is hell.. .in a fun sort of way, letting you watch your toy soldiers duke it out in 3D like you always wanted.


You play as Sarge, a plastic army soldier with a mission--actually, multiple missions, from search-and-rescue to search-and-destroy. Most objectives require a steady h& (lượt thích when sweeping for mines), expert driving skills (when manning jeeps, tanks, và more), và an eagle eye (for sniping). Army Men is Metal Gear Solid without all that messy thinking getting in the way.

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The games multiple missions are not easy considering that only a few shots from snipers are enough to end the game, requiring you to lớn recommence from the beginning. That"s unfortunate when you"re really inkhổng lồ a mission--và downright frustrating when it happens for the umpteenth time!


Although there are a variety of weapons và items (such as explosives, grenades, land mines, & flame-throwers), it"s hard to lớn see much detail thanks to lớn heavily-pixelated graphics & severe clipping & meshing. From afar, you can"t tell an enemy from a tree. Meanwhile, the sound is "could-be" heaven: It could be Commvà and Conquer, it could be The Dirty Dozen--it could be turned off.

Controlling Sarge is tricky, but manageable. You can shoot low, roll, & get a better sight on a target, but there is no strafing. Driving vehicles and throwing grenades also requires some practice (thank the almighty Patton there"s an extensive training mode).


Army Men tries to lớn be all that it can be, but ultimately the game will appeal only to lớn military sadists who have tons of patience and a real bloodthirst for killing the enemy. Sounds like a job for Major Mike.


You can safely step under a grenade"s arc và shoot the grenadier. Be sure khổng lồ throw the grenade slightly in front of your target-unless they"re on a slope, of course. When using the minesweeper, make sure lớn clear every nook & cranny between the posted signs. Roll khổng lồ avoid enemy fire.
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