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Dragon hills mod apk 1

06:37, 28/03/2021

Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK – Zombies are the never outdated topic for filmmakers to produce blockbusters such as Train lớn Busan, MR Vampire, World War Z … And this is no exception for game developers, they also created countless good games.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Dragon Hills 2
Rebel Twins
Unlimited Coins
Android 4.1

Introduce the game Dragon Hills 2

Rebel Twins is an independent developer, whose focus is on developing high-quality games for Android and iOS. And the Rebel Twins have deftly exploited this topic lớn bring us cool games. After a successful one with almost 50 million installs, the company continues lớn develop & launch Dragon Hills 2, the zombie killing game extremely attractive sầu.

It’s part 2 of Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills 2 follows the story of the brave princess, stands up khổng lồ fight the evil forces in the world. A few years after the defeat of the dark forces, regain peace for the world, no long later the world is facing disaster. Disease strange spread everywhere, turning ordinary people inkhổng lồ dangerous zombies. Not only that, the zombies are exploited by the aliens that try khổng lồ invade Earth.


Once again wake up the fire Long sleepy, the princess went khổng lồ destroy the zombies and determined lớn find the aliens behind the incident …


Transformed inlớn the brave princess, the task of the player is to control the fire dragon sweeping, destroying all enemies dare khổng lồ obstruct. This rồng has no wings, so in order lớn move sầu, the player needs lớn control the dragon through the ground & fly up, destroy anything that obstructs it. You need to lớn take advantage of this move sầu lớn avoid the obstacles và firepower of the zombies, as well as lớn attaông xã the enemy in an unexpected way.


The control mechanism in the game is simplified, the player just needs khổng lồ touch the screen khổng lồ tell the rồng lớn dive sầu across the ground and un-touch it to tell it to fly up. With only two operations, you are không lấy phí khổng lồ destroy everything in your path và attaông xã the armed zombies, remember khổng lồ collect their brains to lớn complete the target.


Along the way, you will encounter laser shields on rooftops và toxic green ponds. If hit it, your fire rồng will be crushed bones và game over.


Zombies armed with weapons will continuously attachồng if they detect a fire rồng in sight.

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Also, at the kết thúc of each cấp độ, you will encounter the trùm that harass the portal of that cấp độ. It is much stronger than many other zombies và has more intelligence. The only way lớn cấp độ up next is lớn kill the zombie trùm.

Upgrade the power to the fire dragon

The higher the level, more zombies và more dangerous, so how lớn fight them? Fortunately, the game has an upgrade system, which helps players lớn tăng cấp the power of fire rồng and princess. Improve sầu all defense, attachồng index and unloông xã special skills.

A small note, the gold coins collected on the road is the material lớn successfully tăng cấp. So vị not miss out on any gold coins.

2 chiều graphics


Dragon Hills 2 is based on the 2 chiều version, same with version one, but still attractive sầu to lớn any player. Background designs, characters, fire dragons, zombies, are all drawn in a xinh tươi and fun cartoon style. In addition, the explosive effect is extremely monumental, beautiful. Not only that, but the sound in the game is also well invested with the eloquent sound when destroying.

MOD APK version of Dragon Hills 2

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: Your money won’t be reduced when you spover it.

Download Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Dragon Hills 2 is exceptionally good entertainment game for the không tính phí time with relatively simple gameplay và dynamic sound. You can download the game to your device through the link below.