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The long dark on steam

15:55, 31/10/2021

We are a diverse group of game creators who care as much about how we make things, as what we make. We care about our worlds, our players, and our people. We believe passion for work and balance in life are not only compatible ideas, but are symbiotic. If you want to lớn help craft the future of interactive entertainment, join us on our journey.

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If you are a qualified game developer and want to lớn join a diverse team of thoughtful creators, please apply for our open positions. All applicants welcome, including those from under-represented groups. If you haven’t already reviewed it, we recommend finding out more information about Our Culture.

Interested in working at Hinterlvà, but don’t see a job posting that matches your skills & experience?


We have sầu a high-autonomy, high-accountability culture. Project teams work khổng lồ support a clear direction, and individuals are expected khổng lồ sign on to accomplish their goals with the minimal amount of supervision. We don’t want to lớn micromanage và we can’t have sầu people who need that.

We believe sầu that khổng lồ create thoughtful entertainment, you need thoughtful people. We want people who appreciate the value of discourse, and aren’t afraid to lớn present an alternative opinion. Our alặng is to lớn attract the best collaborators we can, & great collaboration comes from a willingness khổng lồ giới thiệu your point of view within an environment where there is a clear direction & svào decision-making can happen.

We have a light project-management infrastructure that emphasizes communication và collaboration over “time in your chair”. We believe sầu everyone on the team has a stake in work being completed on time, & we expect everyone to lớn be active contributors to lớn the planning process.

We believe sầu that anyone good enough to lớn join Hinterland is good enough khổng lồ be trusted lớn make a meaningful contribution in a way that aligns with company and project goals, without needing to lớn be closely managed. Success with this approach depends on having mature people with a wealth of experience. We recognize that not everyone can work this way, which is why it’s good to lớn talk about it up front.

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We believe that being given a high degree of autonomy means you have the responsibility khổng lồ be accountable for the commitments you have made khổng lồ your team-mates, your project, and the studio at large. Accountability without autonomy is not fair to lớn the individual, but autonomy without accountability is not fair lớn the team.

We strive to do things differently, to ensure they are always done to lớn the highest ethical và moral standard, both in work và in business. We take care of each other, we take care of our projects, & we collectively take care of the company. In turn, the company takes care of us.

We expect anyone who joins Hinterl& to be committed khổng lồ having a respectful work environment. We vày not crunch, we bởi vì not bởi office politics, và we vị not abuse people. We want you khổng lồ have sầu a life outside of work, so that you can bring positive sầu energy khổng lồ the team dynamic và help us achieve sầu great things.

We also acknowledge that our culture may not be for everyone, & that’s ok. In the hiring process, we are filtering our fit khổng lồ you, as much as your fit for us. In the end, we want you lớn be happy at Hinterl&, và nobody toàn thân benefits from a missed alignment in goals or culture. The longer we can work together, the stronger we can become as a studio, & we think it’s worth taking the time that’s needed to ensure there’s a good fit, for you and for us.

Our purpose is lớn make Hinterlvà the best creator of interactive experiences in the world. We won’t get there without you. Join us in our mission.