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The walking dead việt hóa

15:54, 18/09/2021
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has a lot to answer for in the final season of "The Walking Dead." (Josh Stringer/AMC/TNS)

It’ll be a long goodbye for “The Walking Dead,” which its many fans aren’t likely khổng lồ mind.

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The 11th and final season of AMC’s hugely popular zombie drama starts Sunday — & it really is only the beginning of the end, since after that eight-episode arc ends, two more will wrap up the series in 2022. The Chris Hardwick-hosted “Talking Dead” postmortem will continue to follow each new episode, which also can be accessed a full week earlier on the AMC+ streaming service.

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Noting that a summer start for “The Walking Dead” is unusual, executive sầu producer Scott Gimple explained in a recent Comic-Con at Home session that the last season tells “a big story, và it takes a lot of turns. We reinvent (after) every eight episodes, so we’re going to put the audience through their paces. We’re going lớn give them an epic, extended goodbye.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a big part of the “Walking Dead” cast as the sinister Negan, though the Season 10 finale saw major developments that could have made viewers more empathetic toward him.

Nevertheless, Morgan said, “I don’t think that ever will sway the people who hate Negan. If there were people on the fence about hlặng, that may have turned them a little bit. The opportunity lớn tell that story was exceedingly special, & khổng lồ vì it with Hilarie (Burton, Morgan’s wife, who played Negan’s spouse, Lucille) certainly made it one of the highlights of my time here.”

Lauren Cohan is among the stars of “The Walking Dead,” which starts its final season Sunday on AMC.

Lauren Cohan, who plays widowed mother Maggie, says she’s been having “the most fun I’ve ever had on the show” since returning in Season 10 “in terms of just navigating this ocean of what you want khổng lồ do and what you can bởi.”

One of “The Walking Dead’s” most prominent actors as Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus noted, “I feel like my character has changed in all these different ways, but he takes little pieces of all these people he learned from. I know Negan is the show’s big baddie, but if the apocalypse didn’t happen, Daryl would be the one you wouldn’t put your hvà out & say hello to.”

Executive sầu producer Angela Kang is glad khổng lồ get bachồng lớn storytelling on a large scale as “The Walking Dead” concludes. “Obviously, the pandemic changed a lot of how we had khổng lồ vì everything,” she said. “It was really fun khổng lồ bởi these very focused, intimate episodes (to lớn kết thúc Season 10), but with Season 11, we’re going lớn go out with a bang. The stunts and scares are a lot of the fun for those of us who work on the show, & I’m really excited lớn chia sẻ it with the audience.”