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05:47, 04/04/2021

Fraymakers is FUNDED! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH! These past 30 days on Kickstarter have been incredible beyond words, và we can’t explain how excited we are to lớn be able lớn bring you Fraymakers, our literal dream project, in its ultimate khung. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

Also a reminder that even if you missed the chance khổng lồ back us, you can still wishcác mục Fraymakers on Steam to lớn be notified when Early Access is available!


Happy New Year + 2021 Plans
Jan 1st, 2021 by Cleod9. Posted In Fraymakers, Site News, SSF2 Dev Blogs

Happy new year to all!

The year 2021 has (finally) arrived, and looking baông chồng we had a busy past year with the SSF2 Rotation Release Cycle and the announcement of Fraymakers! After a year like that many of you may be wondering what’s in store for this year at aiesec-unwe.net.

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The End of Flash Player

Many of you probably already know that the kết thúc of Flash Player tư vấn arrived today, with the full transition to lớn being globally disabled arriving on January 12th, 2021. As the creators of one of the most ambitious Flash-based projects on the internet, it pains us greatly to lớn see it go. Flash is what allowed SSF2 lớn blossom into lớn the ultimate Smash tribute that you see today, and it’s also what put aiesec-unwe.net on the path to being a real independent game studio in the early 2000s. We may never see a công nghệ exactly quite lượt thích Flash again in the future, & we think it’s important to lớn look baông chồng & appreciate how it allowed all sorts of creative sầu individuals khổng lồ express themselves, despite all of the negative sầu press.

On the bright side, a project called Ruffle has been underway for quite some time to emulate the Flash Player in-browser without requiring a plugin. It’s made great strides supporting tons of games from the ActionScript 2.0 days, including an almost fully-functional Super Smash Flash 1 (which we’ve sầu enabled a toggle for on the Super Smash Flash home page site, go kiểm tra it out!). It may be some time before we see SSF2 supported since the game is built in ActionScript 3.0, but in the meantime you can always download the game to lớn play on your desktop using Adobe AIR in place of the Flash Player.

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(By the way, if you’d like lớn support such an awesome project, we encourage you to lớn kiểm tra out Ruffle’s mở cửa Collective page)

SSF2 Development

Rest assured, despite the demise of the Flash Player and the end of the Rotation Release development cycle, SSF2 isn’t stopping any time soon! While the SSF2 Team is going to lớn start off a bit slower this year, there are plenty of nội dung plans in the pipeline. Expect more news khổng lồ come as the team begins picking up the pace again.

Also please be aware that moving forward, the primary source for SSF2 news & content will be found on SuperSmashFlash.com. While we may mention SSF2 updates here on aiesec-unwe.net from time to time, the optimal place for uninterrupted, dedicated updates can be found there (and most existing SSF2 pages here will be automatically redirected). Also make sure to lớn follow SSF2’s new Twitter account và subscribe khổng lồ its new YouTube channel so you don’t miss out anything!

Fraymakers Development

Team Fray is excited khổng lồ continue with the development of Fraymakers after its incredible Kickstarter campaign! There are plenty of characters to be animated, stages khổng lồ be designed, and music tracks khổng lồ be laid down, so you can expect us khổng lồ be quite busy getting ready for Early Access launch. We’re already seeing some fun data come in via our Backer Content Survey (exclusive sầu to backers only!), in addition to a lot of buzz throughout our socials about all the things everyone is looking forward to in Fraymakers. Make sure khổng lồ join our socials listed over in the sidebar so you don’t miss any updates!

If you were unable lớn tư vấn the Kickstarter & are hoping to lớn help in some way, one great method to vày that is to wishlist Fraymakers on Steam. This way you’ll be notified when the game is released in Early Access & it’ll help add momentum lớn our initial launch.