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Venture là gì

21:47, 08/04/2021

Improve sầu your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from aiesec-unwe.net.

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Learn the words you need khổng lồ communicate with confidence.

khổng lồ risk going somewhere or doing something that might be dangerous or unpleasant, or lớn risk saying something that might be criticized:
She tentatively ventured the opinion that the project would be too expensive sầu to complete, but the boss ignored her.

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The American oto giant và its venture partner in China are investing millions of dollars lớn explore ways of reducing reliance on petrol.
venture into sth There are some excellent giao dịch for new investors venturing into the electronic marketplace.
Meanwhile, the insurer has ventured beyond insurance with the launch of its first unsecured personal loan last week.
It has also created a system where getting inkhổng lồ politics is a business venture, with business plans and an expected rate of return on investment.
Such an analysis was more subversive sầu in thinkers who ventured to apply it to the internal structure of the state.
This introduction sets out the underlying assumptions of this venture và provides readers with an analytical framework.
Initially, he worked on a small garden nursery venture begun by his energetic father, who was primarily a postmaster & shopkeeper.
The venture of faith is an act of trust, or of entrusting oneself, in the light of what is believed.
One makes a doxastic venture when one takes khổng lồ be true a proposition that one believes, while recognizing that one lacks sufficient supportive evidence.
To the extent we were linked with them in that joint venture, their history is ours & ours theirs.
Indeed, they could have been even more ambitious và ventured further inkhổng lồ the territory of development beyond the age of four years.
She is spatially bound in her leisure activities và seldom ventures khổng lồ unfamiliar places by herself.