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Video clip là gì

14:47, 08/04/2021

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After seeing the video clip, each participant was required to produce four texts in randomly balanced order.
Parents were subsequently asked to correctly identify each of the four conditions by viewing each video clip twice.
Each emotion group is introduced & demonstrated by a short video clip giving some clues for later analysis of the emotions in this group.
The other half were asked to lớn wait until each video clip had finished và then lớn describe what had happened (the đoạn phim stopped condition).
Each trigger, then, is not pre-programmed with a particular video clip, but selects one of a number of possible clips.
After each video clip, participants were asked questions about their understanding of the interaction.
The transcript begins about 40 seconds into lớn the video clip, at the point at which the talk immediately generating the complaint gets star ted.
The đoạn Clip processing chain consists of the following sequence: a user-inputted video clip is analysed by a đoạn Clip tracker that takes the Clip input đầu vào & generates traông chồng or motion points.
After presentation of each video clip, the videotape was paused on a blank screen, và the participants were asked to imitate a sentence that matched the prior video clip.

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She is given the opportunity to audition for background dancer in a video clip, but grows uncertain of her abilities.
Millions of people are watching his video clip, not like our youthsdestroying our image of our country và our people.
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