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Exchange la bottle service & vip table reservations

12:53, 05/04/2021

How much is table service at Exchange?

Bottle service minimums typically range around $500-$1500 depending on the night & talent.

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You can view table pricing directly on our free mobile app, or see table pricing and book Exchange bottle service directly here. 

How does reserving a VIPhường table at Exchange LA work?

Reserving a VIP table (also known as reserving bottle service) at Exchange Nightclub involves committing khổng lồ a minimum spover, also known as a “min”. Customers must hit this minimum spover amount before the kết thúc of the night by purchasing bottles of alcohol & other drinks at their table. Even if you vày not over up ordering enough to lớn hit your minimum, you will still be charged for your agreed upon minimum spkết thúc. Please note that tax and gratuity vị not count towards the minimum spover will be about an additional 28% on top. Table reservations at Exchange require a một nửa deposit, but are fully refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. 


What is included with my VIPhường. Table reservation at Exchange?

By agreeing to lớn your minimum spover, you receive:

Expedited entry for your buổi tiệc ngọt – Faster entry (shorter wait in line) for your các buổi party via a dedicated line for VIP table customers. Admission – Your table reservation includes a certain number of VIPhường admissions, so your guests vị not need lớn purchase additional tickets or pay cover to lớn get into the club. Table real estate – You will have sầu a dedicated table và seats at the club for the entire night. You will also have sầu a VPS who will take your orders & serve sầu you mixed drinks at your table. Free drink chasers such as sodomain authority, juices, or seltzer water. Some mixers such as red bull/energy drinks, and bottled water are not complementary. The minimum spover will be applied towards your purchases at the table. 

What should I do if I have sầu more guests than the number of complimentary VIPhường admissions included with my table at Exchange?

You can tương tác us and we can usually increase the number of VIP.. admissions included with the table by slightly increasing the minimum spkết thúc. Another solution would be to have your extra guests purchase pre-sale tickets or sign up for our discounted/không tính tiền guest menu. (We gọi this the hybrid approach, where some people in the buổi tiệc nhỏ go in via the VIPhường table line, và some go in via general admission or guest danh mục.) Once they enter the club, they can join you at your table và you can kichồng off the night together from there. If your các buổi party has a lot more people than can fit at one table, then we recommover getting two or more tables located next lớn each other. We are always happy lớn help you find a good group of tables to lớn put together! 


How big are the bottles of liquor at Exchange LA?

Bottles at Exchange are normal sized. Regular bottles are 750ml, & magnum bottles are 1.5 liters in kích cỡ. 

How much bởi bottles and other drinks at Exchange LA cost?

Please refer to lớn the bottle thực đơn below for more information on pricing. Cocktails from the bar normally cost around $15 each. 

How bởi vì I get a special bottle presentation at Exchange LA?

All bottle orders at Exchange will come out with LED sparklers/lights. To get a special presentation with more flare, và the “bottle train”, you must order at least 2 bottles, and at least one of them needs lớn be a bottle of champagne. In general, the more bottles of champagne that you buy, & the more expensive the bottle, the more exceptional và showy the presentation will be.

For larger minimum spends of at least $2,000, we can often arrange a special shout out / message display on the LED big screen for your tiệc nhỏ.


Corporate events, large parties, & buyouts at Exchange LA

If you have a very large party form size, we are able to work directly with you to reserve a custom section with the real estate that you are looking for. Exchange Nightclub is also available for full venue rentals/buyouts on non club days. We have worked with group sizes from 30 people to lớn 500 plus, so feel không tính phí khổng lồ reach out to us và we would be happy to assist you!

Exchange VIPhường. Host / Promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIPhường host for Exchange? We can help. Book your table here & someone will be in touch, or feel miễn phí lớn tương tác us at info

What are the different VIP table options at Exchange LA?

Please refer khổng lồ the Floor Plan / Seating Map to lớn see corresponding table numbers


Dance Floor Tables (Table #31-34) – 9 guests

The only 4 tables located on the main floor (the vast majority of tables at Exchange are located on the balcony), these are well positioned in the center of the club with a solid view of the DJ stage và the dance floor. Tables 33 và 34 are located right next lớn the dance floor, và have a small amount of elevation. Tables 31 and 32 are elevated slightly above 33 & 34, và are located right behind them.

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One of the perks khổng lồ these tables is that guests do not need a wristbvà to lớn access the VIPhường. balcony level. On normal nights, these tables are a $1,200 minimum spover and include 9 VIP admissions. They will often range between $900-$1,500 depending on the DJ playing. Big name DJs will be $2000 & up. 

Mezzanine Table (Prime) (Tables #52-53) – 12 guests

The two “owner’s” tables at Exchange LA, these large tables are located on the VIPhường. mezzanine and directly face the DJ stage. Like all tables on the VIP balcony/mezzanine area, a wristb& is required to lớn get on this floor màn chơi. Wristbands are handed out when your buổi tiệc ngọt checks in. You will not be able to lớn bring up random guests from the main floor khổng lồ your table if you have sầu run out of wrist bands. These tables typically go for a $1,700-$2,000 minimum on normal nights and include 12 VIP admissions. On bigger name DJ nights, the cost can go up dramatically given there are only two of these tables in the house. 

Backstage Table (Tables #71-74) – 10 guests

The large và spacious backstage tables are located on the VIP balcony, behind the DJ stage. These stages view the DJ from behind, but have a really good view of the dance floor, making it great for people watching. The backstage tables at Exchange LA typically go for around a $1200 khổng lồ $1500 minimum spend on regular nights and include 10 VIP. guests. 


Mezzanine Table (Medium) (Tables #51, 54, 42-45, 61-63) – 9 guests 

VIPhường table located on the VIPhường. balcony. Due lớn being on the open balcony, they all have sầu a pretty good view of the DJ stage và dance floor below. Mezzanine tables at Exchange typically cost between $1000-$1200 minimum spover on normal nights & include VIPhường. admission for 9 guests. 

Mezzanine Table (Small) (Tables #41-42, 64, 65) – 5 guests

Located on the VIPhường balcony, these tables are lower cost and have sầu worse views compared to lớn the medium sized mezzanine tables. These tables are normally priced between $600-$800 minimum spend & include VIP admission for up to lớn 5 guests.

Private Sky Lounge – 20 guests

Located above sầu the balcony floor is a very large, private viewing area that can be rented out for parties of up khổng lồ 20 guests. The lounge has a direct view of the DJ & comes with its own private restroom và security guard. If you would like a private bartender lớn help you hit the minimum spkết thúc, that can be arranged as well. The private sky lounge at Exchange LA is $5,000 minimum spkết thúc on normal nights và accommodates 20 VIPhường admissions. On bigger name nights the minimum will be higher.

What is the best table at Exchange LA?

The best tables at Exchange are the Mezzanine Table Prime, also known as the owners tables. However, if you want lớn be closer lớn the dance floor & the khiêu vũ, we recommkết thúc getting one of the dance floor tables. If you are looking to host a large tiệc nhỏ và want it to lớn be private/exclusive sầu, then we recommkết thúc getting the private Sky Lounge.


What are the best value tables at Exchange LA?

The tables with the best value are going khổng lồ be the mezzanine table (medium) which offer a reasonable cost per person, & are well located on the VIPhường balcony. If your budget is a little higher và you want to have more space, we recommover the backstage tables.

What is the cheapest table at Exchange LA?

The cheapest table at Exchange LA is the small mezzanine table. 

Where is the VIP. table line at Exchange located?

The VIPhường table line is located lớn the right of the main entrance khổng lồ Exchange when you are facing the building. If you are unsure if you are in the right line or not, be sure lớn ask one of the employees out front for the VIPhường table line & they can point it out!

Exchange Bottle Service Deals

We don’t currently have sầu any giao dịch for Exchange.