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20:49, 11/04/2021

The maximum resolution I can phối in the guest OS is 19trăng tròn x 1440, but I would like khổng lồ take advantage of the Retina display’s 2560x1400 display.

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I have sầu been scouring the internet to no avail, how bởi vì I bởi vì this?



As of VirtualBox v6 the settings have sầu changed. You can now use the new screen scaling functionality.

For the selected machine: Settings -> Display -> Screen -> Scale Factor, và use the slider/text field to lớn mix the desired screen scaling percentage.


In the VirtualBox Manager, navigate to lớn the desired machines settings > Display > HiDPI Support.

Check Use Unscaled HiDPI Output.

In the virtual machine, select your desired resolution.

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Make sure you have the Oracle VM Guest Additions installed. Once I installed the lakiểm tra according khổng lồ the version of the VirtualBox I installed on my host OS everything worked like a charm.

On your Windows 10 Virtual Machine, at the lower right-corner of the screen you"ll see a ^. Click on it, and you"ll see the VirtualBox Inhỏ Running. If you see that but you still can get full resolution changes are you have sầu the incorrect version installed.

Open up Windows File Explorer, click on the CD Drive sầu containing the Virtual Machine Addons và install it.

Alternatively you can also hover your mouse towards the top of the screen to lớn expose the VirtualMachine Menu, Select Devices and select Insert Guest Additions CD Image.


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