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16:46, 19/09/2021
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a game by Koei
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 2
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Sometimes its nice that games aren"t that cthua trận lớn real life, especially in the case of Warriors Orochi, a title that defies all súc tích, storytelling và good sense lớn create a manic frenzy of death.

The game all takes place in a bizarre time warp scenario involving the Dynasty Warriors (from Koei"s Dynasty Warriors series) & the Samurai Warriors (a spin-off of Dynasty Warriors) getting thrown together in a battle royale, eventually realising that they"re all going lớn die unless they kill the Serpent King Orođưa ra.

You select one of several groups of players, following something approaching a storyline that leads you inkhổng lồ gigantic battles against wave sầu after wave of enemies that are predominantly devoid of Al, charging willingly towards you then standing still as you lop them apart.

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Their officers are slightly more clever, deliberately knocking you off your horse or using special attacks,-but it doesn"t get much more cerebral than tapping a key (beware driver conflicts if you"re using a 360 pad) before saddling up & chasing down the next officer.

Can You Dig It?

The little strategy you use comes down to lớn following the objectives that centre around killing officers, protecting areas, or saving your hopelessly stupid allies before launching a final assault on the enemy leader. The simplistic action gets very repetitive sầu - to lớn the point that you"ll probably get tired of clearing enemies, and choose to ride directly to lớn the final trùm without touching any of his cohorts.This approach misses out on valuable experience và massive cohort combos though, and because your three freely-switchable characters don"t tóm tắt experience, problems can arise. What anyone but the most laboriously patient player will find is that one character will generally be a useless distraction to lớn pull out while your better characters heal up.

Warriors Orođưa ra never rises above sầu simple hack-and-slash, but is fun, visceral and silly, with daft voice acting và Asian techno-jazz.