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Unable to start working due to lớn the annoying Windows cannot find error? The message may pop up when you try to open File Explorer or certain applications.If Windows cannot find a tệp tin, try lớn use File Explorer lớn pinpoint it on your hard drive.The Windows cannot find error can be solved by reregistering the apps using our solution.You can also use the dedicated third-buổi tiệc ngọt software recommended below to lớn fix this annoying issue.

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Windows Update is meant to lớn improve the overall performance of your operating system, integrate new features, and even tăng cấp the existing ones. However, there are times when certain errors may occur out of the xanh.

Thankfully, if you happen to run inkhổng lồ such issues, there is a specialized Windows repair software that can help you solve sầu them in no time, và it is called Restoro.

This is how you can fix registry errors using Restoro:

Launch the application. Wait for the application to find any system stability issues and possible malware infections.Press Start Repair.Restart your PC for all the changes to lớn take effect.

After the process is completed your computer should work perfectly fine & you will no longer have sầu to lớn worry about Windows Update errors of any kind.

⇒ Get Restoro

Disclaimer: This program needs khổng lồ be upgraded from the không tính tiền version in order to perkhung some specific actions.

3. Reregister Windows 10 apps

3.1 Get the App package using PowerShell

Thereafter, reboot the Windows 10 platkhung.

If Windows 10 apps are showing the Windows cannot find message, resetting the apps is one of the best resolutions.

Reregistering an tiện ích is a little like reinstalling it as that deletes phầm mềm data, but you don’t need to install it again. You can reset Windows 10 apps as follows.

Can’t open Task Manager? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Reregistering Windows 10 apps with PowerShell will reset all the default apps bundled with the platkhung. If you need to reregister new apps you’ve installed, you can vì chưng so via Settings.

Each listed tiện ích has a Reset button that you can press lớn reregister it as outlined below.

PowerShell stopped working? Fix it by following the simple steps from this amazing guide.

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3.2 Reset the apps

Press the Start button, & then click the Settings inhỏ.Select an tiện ích lớn reset.Press the Reset button, và clichồng Reset again, khổng lồ reregister the selected phầm mềm.

4. mở cửa the Microsoft Store App Troubleshooter

Press the Win key + I keyboard shortcut to lớn open Settings.Select the Windows Store App troubleshooter, và press its Run the troubleshooter button.Press the Next button khổng lồ go through the troubleshooter‘s resolutions.

The Microsoft Store App troubleshooter might also help fix the Windows cannot finderror you are facing. Use the above procedure in that regard.

If the Troubleshooter stops before completing the process, fix it with the help of this complete guide.

4. Rename EXE Files

Select the program’s EXE in File Explorer, và press the F2 key.Then enter another title for the file, and press the Return key.

The Windows cannot finderror can also occur for programs that aren’t Store apps. Then the error message will also include a path for the specific software you’re trying lớn open.

A particular error is followed by the message Windows cannot find c:program make sure you typed the name correctly. Renaming EXE files is one resolution forerrors that include software paths.

Those are a few resolutions that can fix the Windows cannot find error for File Explorer, apps , & other desktop software. Check out this post for further details on how you can fix Windows 10 apps that aren’t opening.

If you have any additional questions, feel không tính tiền lớn leave sầu them in the comments section below.

The above sầu solutions may be applied in multiple scenargame ios users face the days:

Windows cannot find. Make sure you typed the name correctly – Users report getting the simple Windows cannot find message or the one that states Windows cannot find. Make sure you typed the name correctly.Windows cannot find. Make sure you typed the name correctly & then try again – That’s another variation of the same core issue. In any case, the above sầu solutions work like a charm.Windows cannot find file – Even if you are using Windows 10 licensed, chances are you’ll encounter this error sooner or later. Try booting your computer in Safe mode or use Microsoft’s Security Scanner.Windows cannot find filename.exe – If that’s the issue you are dealing with, don’t hesitate to lớn rename the EXE tệp tin.