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02:00, 06/04/2021

Everything I vì chưng in life reflects this. Furniture I buy has khổng lồ satisfy my strict thiết kế policies (not artistic policies, but kiến thiết policies). Microwave sầu oven has to lớn be well designed with no unnecessary buttons & knobs. The places I go, the decisions I make, the time I spover, everything is governed by the fact that I am a designer.

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Power and Time. You vày not need more knobs than this on a microwave.

During a project I was working on I met a guy that claimed to lớn be a designer. But he wasn’t. He was merely working as one. He clocked in at 9 AM, clocked out at 5 PM, & went about his life. He did not think about kiến thiết outside work, & this for me was a revelation.

A true & honest eye opener.

There are people out there who simply work as a , and once their work day is finished, they do not spover a single thought on what they were doing. There are people who are programmers, và there are those that simply work as programmers. There are people who are engineers, và there are those that simply work as engineers. There are people who are designers, và there are those that simply cloông xã in, cloông chồng out, & that’s it.

Mind you, there is nothing bad in people who work as , but great products & great achievements where not made by 9 — 5 people.

Programers that made great software pieces think about programming most of their awake state (và even dream about programming).

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This is not khổng lồ say they should carry their work home page & work 24/7, but programers usually run their own website servers with their own pet projects on them. Programers have small computers that are attached to their TVs và they create code that does some magic with that. Programers will hachồng their refrigerators and install some obscure Linux inkhổng lồ it, just so they can tell the fridge to lớn make ice cubes using their phone. Hacked phone. Programers will buy programmable flashlights and code the way it works. Programers will experiment with code, they will contribute lớn community, answer Stachồng Overflow questions…

Programers will be programers outside of 9 — 5. Their lives will be defined by the fact they are programers. This will overflow inlớn their work day as well, and they will build great software on their job as well.

People who only work as programmers won’t build great software.People that only work as designers will not improve anyone’s life.



Bull Tirã US … cthua trận enough.

Designers will write about design, think about use patterns, dissect processes và flows as they walk around the đô thị. A designer will complain how some sign on an airport is wrongly positioned and misleading, và how some letters in a sign are not properly kerned.

Could you imagine someone working as a doctor? Not being interested in medicine and health outside their work environment? You would hope that the doctor you are seeing has a true và genuine interest in medicine, that their life was subject khổng lồ being a doctor, not just working as one.

For people who truly are going lớn work represents nothing stressful & out-of-the-ordinary. They would be doing whatever they are doing being at trang chính as well, just that at work they actually get paid lớn do it!

Complexity of the job

Of course, I am fully aware that some jobs bởi vì not support that person’s entire life can be defined by it. A person can only work as a cashier, they cannot be a cashier. What would they vày in their không lấy phí time, count some change và bag some groceries? A person can work as a cashier, but be a musician for example. Deep down they will think of music & will practice a guitar as soon as they get trang chính. Eventually, one day, they might start making money out of it & stop working as a cashier.

But to be truly good in complex jobs, to lớn truly create value và great stuff that will change and improve sầu people’s lives, one cannot simply work as , one has khổng lồ be .